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Intercultural Meetings Elements

What is our and your culture made of?

Why is it too difficult to build contacts with Germans?
I do not know anyone may help me talking German, where do I find people?

Here you can get the answers to these questions. And here we speak only German.
We as Germans want to meet you and many other people from different cultures and religions in a relaxed atmosphere, socialize, and get to know each other and exchange information and experiences.
We want to talk about some topics that really touch all of us. We seek answers for the questions that strike us. We select the topics together.
We are also there for individual problems we can help and support you.
So, on Thursdays 19:00
Don’t you wish to do something interesting at a particular evening when you are right here.

Kane’s African Soul (Bistro)
Goetheplatz 1
18055 Rostock

every second Thursday
7 p.m.

Birgit Pätzold