About our association
The aim of the association is to promote the peaceful coexistence of people from different cultures, to support the integration of immigrants, to reduce prejudices and to counteract xenophobic tendencies. Also to exploit the opportunities and possibilities of intercultural coexistence.

These goals  should be achieved by:

▪The creation and design a meeting place for people with and without a migration background.
▪ organize and carry out educational and cultural events talk about topics like globalization, development policy, integration and intercultural exchange.
▪ Information events, exhibitions, lectures and other forms of public relations.
▪ Cultural and educational events that serve meeting and knowing people from different cultures.
▪ Supporting ethnic minorities to preserve their cultural identity.
▪ Enlightenment on global humanity issues.
▪ Collaboration with all groups, associations  and with municipal, state and federal authorities Which are really active and have authority.