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The aim of the project is to provide climate education workshops and conferences for YP to make an important step towards achieving the SDGs. We will show how everyone can help to protect the environment and to reduce the impacts of climate change in different areas of life. By providing youth climate conferences in different countries, we will offer the youth the opportunity to discuss climate-related topics with politicians. The target group are mainly migrants and social disadvantaged youth.

We will offer four workshops in each country in schools or as after school-activities related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Decisions made by consumers, businesses and politicians in the global North can have consequences for the environment and climate in the global South and we will aim to thematise this in the workshops.

Each organisation will provide one youth conference with the aim to write “manifestos for sustainable development” and to present them decision-makers.

Our primary objective is to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for the EU as a whole. Through engaging with YP, we will provide them with the opportunity to make an immediate contribution to achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals, to combatting climate change and to making their countries and the EU as a whole more environmentally friendly. YP in three different European countries will have the chance to exchange experiences and ideas and to learn from one another.