„One always learns something new while going on to such trips especially if people join from different cultural backgrounds.
And the things like Conference’s, Exchange’s, visiting different places, eating or playing, if all of these things are done together in a group, we get the chance to talk about so many things, compare and differentiate the things in each other’s, and so much more.
And this is exactly what happened in this trip to Trondheim-Norway 🇳🇴

Learning about new people and their cultures is one of my most favorite things that is why I totally needed this trip.
And that is why I would definitely love to join such trips again.

I thank Mehman, Pakiza and off course Willi .. and everybody else who helped organize this trip, and for giving us the chance to visit the beautiful city of Trondheim for the first time.
We wish them all the best in their next projects.
Love and peace ✌️
Elizabeth & Sayed“